Infant Program

Learning goals for infants focus on movement skills, language development, developmental milestones, fine motor development, social skills, and the joy of every child.

Toddler Program

Learning goals focus on developing independence, social skills, confidence, and a solid academic base in preparation for future learning.

Kindergarten Program

The Montessori Kindergarten Program offers children a dynamic learning environment where they are empowered to choose their work, follow their interests, and progress at their own pace.
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Our Education Programs

Leading Bees Montessori’s Education Programs are child-centred, hands-on, and designed with multiple learning styles in mind. They focus on providing children with the optimal learning environment, materials, and guidance to discover their full potential. Programs are child-led and self-paced while guided and enriched by knowledgeable educators. In Montessori, the classroom, the students, and the educators come together to form a personalised approach to learning.